Rising Damp

It doesn't seem like a particularly fascinating subject, nevertheless, a quick search on the world's preferred web online search engine will reveal that in some circles rising damp is an extremely hot subject undoubtedly. The problem is that it appears that it could undoubtedly be some kind of faith or god; does it exist, or doesn't it? The truth of the matter is that rising damp does certainly exist in one kind or another, however, it is typically misdiagnosed, or you can typically spend for costly treatment that really isn't necessary.
Increasing moisture in structures may be defined as the vertical flow of water up through a permeable wall structure, the water is derived from groundwater. The water increases through the pores (blood vessels) in the masonry by a procedure loosely described as "capillarity." In other words, the masonry imitates a wick The common causes are degeneration due to age and bridging of a wet course with internal concrete floors, renders or external courses, and earth levels (a wet course is particularly designed to avoid the possibility of rising damp- it is developed of a matter of course in all new buildings).
If your house does have an issue (something we will discuss later on) then it can cause the following symptoms:
For within walls
The paint does not stick to the wall.
Wallpaper lifts and discolorations appear on the walls
Plaster flakes away feel soft and spongy, bubbles and white powder or crystals appear.
Skirting boards and flooring boards rot.
For outdoor walls.
Mortar worries and falls out in between bricks and stonework.
Spots or white powder appear on walls.
These problems are primarily visual problems just, nevertheless, it is imaginable that structural damage might arise from comprehensive increasing moist, and of course, a moist moldy environment might pose a health threat to people.
Clearly, if you have any of the above symptoms then it is possible that your house is struggling with rising damp, and it would be recommended to get a 'professional' in to take a look at your house. However, this is where you will deal with a major problem; who is a professional, and who is simply a 'cowboy' out to identify you with the "worst case of rising moist that he has ever seen, which can just be resolved with the most expensive treatment on the marketplace"? There are a lot of companies out there who have targets to meet and earnings to make, and the method they do this is by overzealous detecting, and charge you substantial charges for carrying out work that may, or might not, fix the issue.
The significant issue is that any damp-proofing salesperson that you utilize to take a look at your house will utilize an 'increasing moist meter'. These meters are supposed to measure the moisture in products, however, what they in fact do is measure the electrical conductance. The concept is that the better the conductance (the ease at which electrical energy flows) the higher the water material. However these meters can just be adjusted for one product, and that is usually timber. They will give reasonable results for wood and possibly some plasters, however for bricks, wallpaper, and concrete they will provide readings that are way too high. Thus they can be used (by unethical salesmen) to indicate that you have to rise moist "since the meters say so" when in fact you have a completely regular wall.
In summary, if you can noticeably see an issue with your wall, with apparent signs of damage due to water or salty tide marks then you may have a problem with rising moist, and you will require to look for a trusted professional to come in and take a look at your issue. Be extremely, extremely cautious of any 'specialist' who has actually been employed to do a basic study of your home, or certainly comes around providing a complimentary check-up of your building. If they take out one of these moisture meters, jab it into the wall a few times and declare that you have a significant issue, then it is entirely possible that they are a commission-based sales representative attempting to extract cash from you.
Generally, if the wall looks okay, it is fine. If it appears like it is damp, moldy, or has tide marks on it, then you have a problem with moisture, condensation, or increasing moisture in your home, and you need to examine things even more.

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Get Rid Of Moss And Algae For Good

It's green; it's slimy; it's slippery. It's growing on your lawn, your patio, your actions, and walkways-even your roof and siding. If you've ever endured numerous humid or wet days, you most likely have actually had to handle moss or algae.

" Dampness combined with heavy shade and bad air blood circulation are the ingredients that produce moss and algae," states Bayer Advanced™ ™ Garden Specialist Lance Walheim, who composed the book "Yard Look after Dummies" and is a regular contributor to Sundown magazine. "They make your home appearance filthy and on your patio, it's simple for children or the senior to slip and fall."

Pruning trees to increase sunlight can assist avoid moss and algae over the long run. Changing the pH of your soil can help reduce the green slime in your yard. You can also spend a couple of hundred dollars a year to have the outside of your house cleaned up.

In the past, if you wanted to eliminate that nasty green stuff, the do-it-yourself technique needed a scrub brush and a bucket of water mixed with bleach.

" Blending bleach is always a challenge," says Walheim. "You need to make it strong enough to finish the job but the fumes can be awfully strong too. You also have to scrub like crazy to enter all those nooks and crannies."

Now, nevertheless, there is another option with no scrubbing required-Bayer Advanced 2-in-1 Moss and Algae Killer. This is a fast-acting moss, algae, and lichen killer that can be applied to lawns, as well as actions and sidewalks, outdoor patios, shingles, stucco, wood decks, and fences, roofing, and even the exteriors of vehicles and boats.

On wood, concrete, and asphalt, a single application of the item will control moss and algae for up to one year and it does not stain surfaces.

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There are a lot of builders there, however how to choose the right one?

In this article, we wish to talk about the most regular questions asked by prospective consumers that often cause conflict between a consumer and a professional.


I. Expense of work:
Really typically one may come across clients' problems about the total cost for the repair work that appears to be pretty higher than originally anticipated. Let us clarify this. We require to say that we would disregard the scenario (that regrettably occurs) when chasing after client, the professional purposefully provides ignored numbers and when the customer is on the hook anything can be done.


Let us view the standard scenario. You decided to do fix, choose numerous businesses, and inquire to prepare a cost price quote. Instantly many concerns occur e.g. "Is it possible to prepare a cost price quote accurate to a gulden?" In general, it is possible. For this, you would need a comprehensive design with the drawings, specs, list of materials, and so on. It would take numerous months and more to do this sort of expense quote and 2-3% of costs would be designated for contingencies.


Let us be reasonable. Over eight years of experience in handling the business, we had an opportunity to deal with such jobs several times. In the very best case, the style ends up at the stage of basic illustrations with additional stage-by-stage delivery of in-depth drawings.


In some cases we receive basic investments, rough style lays out, etc. However, the most regular scenario is as follows: absolutely nothing is offered or "please do for me what you see in this publication". Can you define what exactly you desire? Who understands? Can you propose something as a professional? Over several minutes of discussion with you the estimator needs to guess what your taste is and propose to you some options in addition to make your dreams, desires, unclear lays out and all that you believed throughout long evenings come to life in the form of concrete numbers. Actually cost price quote is the plan for the repair work of your apartment or condo with connectivity to concrete materials (for example in the bedroom painted wallpaper and in the children's space plain wallpaper will be used) with showing average prices for them.


In our opinion to make this expense quote maximum near-real cost you would need to do the following:
Work with the designers as possible. The costs you incur for the design work will be generously repaid. The cost of redesign on paper is not so high.


2). While preparing a cost price quote it is required to make a list of work and make some decisions (e.g. here laminate and their glaze-tile will be set up etc). It is also necessary to discuss what quality and cost of materials will be used in the expense quote.


3). A client ought to make sure that it is difficult to imagine everything in this document.


Even for the detailed cost estimate, a customer should envision a reserve of a minimum of 0-15%. The higher amount and range of work as well as material prices, the higher cost of work.


II. Terms.
Undoubtedly any repair relates to inconvenience and any client would wish to finish it as soon as possible. Let us not become heroes of popular TV shows that describe how brave contractors over one day glue the wallpaper, put the glazed tiles, install the wiring, and even eventually clean everything with the vacuum cleaner.


One should realize that there are some activities that can not be done in rush. Violation of the technology and required terms will lead to additional customer costs.


III. Quality of work.
To a great extent, the quality of work depends on the quality of materials. We all want to save money but you should avoid the absurd situations when you assign work with high-cost materials to people earning pences.


IV. "If I pay, do what I want"
Without special measures, one can not make aperture work or remove a load-bearing wall no matter whether someone wants it. A good professional who values his work would explain why your desires sometimes can not be satisfied and would rather refuse to do the job than do something wrong.


Hope that this short article will help you to discover an excellent professional.
In all your endeavors follow the slogan: Delegate your work to professionals.

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Is Your Property Secure

file13When we think of security, we immediately think of our homes and family. Our commercial property is so low down on the list that we might as well name it file 13.

Yet our livelihoods, and well-being, depend on our businesses. Securing your business premises with a good, solid, high quality perimeter wall or fence should be a priority.

There are many beautiful designs to choose from, which are aesthetically pleasing, and enhance the value of your property, while at the same time being a huge added benefit to the security you have in place.

A place of business has far more potential for security breaches, due to the fact that there are far more people, customers and deliveries than at a private home.

It is also good to know your area, and to know the potential threats in that area. Good, quality Walling or fencing and steel gates are a must have in today’s crime-ridden era.

staff workingIt is always better to be safe…than sorry.

Make sure that your perimeter fencing is of a high quality, and has whatever added security you need, to keep your employees, customers, and business safe at all times. Add electric fencing or razor wire to give added protection, and make your property unattractive to would-be criminals.

Make absolutely sure you have the best professional service available, with the highest standards applied to their products and installation, do not use a substandard contractor, who may use materials that are below par, thus leaving your property vulnerable to intruders.

Please feel free to contact us at Country Wide Walling today, to discuss your requirements, or for a free quotation.

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Protect Your Fence from Rot

stainsIf you are in an area where the crime rate is not high, and choose to install a wooden fence, there are things you need to do to protect the fence from rot, thus prolonging its life.

Your first priority would be to choose wood that can withstand rot better, and to use a good stain to aid in protecting the wood. Wooden posts that are planted in the ground need to be properly sealed, preferably using pressure treatments, which force chemicals into the wood for added protection.

Make doubly sure that you are buying the correct wood by checking the label on the wood, which should state that it is pressure treated.

It is recommended to stain the wood once a year to keep it protected.
Wooden fencing requires regular cleaning to remove any dirt, leaves or debris that can cause mildew and subsequently rot to form.

There are many different types of wood that can be used, but it is always best to avoid weaker woods such as pine, which is not as resistant to rot, as it will not last, and will therefore need to be replaced. Avoid extra costs by picking a longer lasting wood, such as Cedar, Cypress or Oak as these are harder woods, and more able to withstand the elements, and are far more rot resistant.

Fence stainingThe better you care for your wood, the longer it will last, so it is well worth the time and effort to keep it clean and properly sealed.

In very hot and dry areas, you should keep a good check on your fence to see if it is being affected by dry rot.

Whether dry or wet rot attacks your fence, the best remedy is to replace those sections as soon as possible to avoid the rot from spreading. Dry rot causes flaking and warping, as all the oils are burnt out of the wood by excessive sun, so you need to stain the wood at least once a year.

Wet rot is caused by excessive moisture, and if you live in a high rainfall area, you need to check regularly, and remove any rotting to prevent it spreading and destroying your fence.

Always keep in mind that if your fence is badly affected and needs to be replaced continually, it might be a much better option to erect a concrete wall or fence, as the maintenance is practically non-existent.

Concrete walls and fences can be stained to whichever colour you want during the manufacturing process, and will stay beautiful for many years.

Contact us at Country Wide Walling should you require more information on concrete walls and fences, repairs or the raising of your boundary wall, or if you would like a free quotation.

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Best Service Ever

We had our Concrete Palisade Fencing Erected by Country Wide Walling in July 2015. Although our fence was only 235m long, we were still treated as if we were one of their top clients. Service, efficiency and cleanliness were a priority for me, and Country Wide Walling delivered in all these aspects. If you want the best concrete palisade fencing company in the industry, then Country Wide Walling is the right fencing company for your walling projects.

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