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Crime Prevention Roller Barrier Wall Topping

child climbing fenceIf you are in need of an anti-climb barrier that is child proof, yet will protect your property from unwanted people climbing over your fence, then a “Roller Barrier” is the ideal solution.

The Roller Barrier System consists of unbreakable roller cups, which are flame retardant, threaded onto a central shaft, supported at intervals by fixing brackets. The cups are too large to get a grip and rotate freely and independently on the shaft, thus forming an unstable barrier that is extremely difficult to climb over.

The Roller Barrier works effectively at:

1.    Keeping unwanted people out of your property
2.    Is impossible to grasp to get a handhold to climb
3.    Spinning action makes sure it can’t be climbed over

Climb Prevention RollerCrime prevention Roller Barriers can be used extensively to protect your property, you can even have a double row if your wall height is a bit low.  You can install them on walls, and gates, to keep intruders from climbing onto your roof and feel more secure.

Not only are they grip-proof, should anyone try to climb over, but the alarm will also go off and alert you to a possible intrusion.  This is a safe way to keep children and pets inside your property while keeping possible intruders outside.

It is a great way to secure areas you are not sure of, where a ladder or other means to climb over is possible and ensures that your property is safe for your family’s protection.

View more information here: Global Demand for Anti Climb Roller Barrier

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